Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oxford Handbooks Published

Two handbooks that cover topics important to our project have been published this year by the Oxford University Press.

The Oxford Handbook of the Early Modern Sermon (see image above), edited by Peter McCulloch, Hugh Adlington, and Emma Rhatigan, is a vast compendium of material on the sermon in early modern culture.

Essays by Rhatigan on "Preaching venues: Architecture and Auditories," McCulloch on "Preaching in Context," and Kate Armstrong on "Sermons in Performance" that have already been of great help to me.

The other handbook of interest is The Oxford Handbook of John Donne, edited by Jeanne Shami, Dennis Flynn, and my own colleague at NC State, Tom Hester. This volume also includes extensive discussion of Donne's career as a priest and preacher.

I'm pleased to have McCulloch and Shami on our Advisory Board.

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