Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Images of the Visual Model

Our hard-working and energetic model builder Josh Stephens has just sent images showing the current state of the visual model. Above is the Cross itself. An image of the current state of the overall model is on our website, here.

These images show shadows. Josh has promised that when the project is complete, the shadows will move across the model as the sun rises in the sky when one listens to the full sermon, all two hours of it.

This image illustrates some of the challenges in trying to reimagine no-longer-existing places.  Our best contemporary image of Paul's Cross is Gipkin's, which shows the Cross like this:

Which shows the Cross as a smaller building than it appears in Josh's model.

Josh's model is based, however, on the measurements for the Cross established by archaeologists who excavated the foundations of the Cross structure in the late 19th century.

Francis Penrose reported their findings in an article in Archaeologia in 1883. They determined that the base of the structure measured 37 feet across and the structure itself measured 17 feet across.

Hence the dimensions of Josh's model.

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