Monday, January 30, 2012

3-D Model of Paul's Cross by Josh Stephens

Josh Stephens, our model-building expert, has developed a preliminary 3-D model of Paul's Cross and printed it out on a 3-D printer.

I must admit it is exciting to hold this model in my hands and be able to see it from all sides. 

Josh has based this model on two sources.

One is the set of specifications developed by Frances Penrose during archaelolgocal excavations of Paul's Cross in the late 19th century, published in Archaeologica in 1883 under the title, "On the Recent Discoveries of Portions of Old St Paul's Cathedral."

Penrose determined that Paul's Cross had an octagonal stone base that was 37 feet across, and that the pulpit structure itself was 17 feet across.

The second is of course Gipkin's painting.

Here, as in other questions about the overall model of Paul's Churchyard, we have discovered that Gipkin had a different sense of perspective than we do.

The figure Josh has placed in the image for the purposes of scale is (in scale) 5' 8" inches high, an average height for a man in the 17th century.

Is this how you imagined Paul's Cross to look? Comments are welcomed.

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