Friday, February 26, 2016

John Schofield and Wren's St Paul's Cathedral

John Schofield, our authority on everything archaeological and architectural about St Paul's Cathedral in the 17th century, will publish his definitive study of Wren's cathedral from Oxbow in September 2016. 

Together with his St Paul's Cathedral Before Wren, these two books contain the definitive account of the Diocese of London's cathedral for our time and for generations to come.

Schofield's work is of course the basis for all our claims to architectural accuracy and authenticity in both the Virtual St Paul's Cathedral Project and the Virtual Paul's Cross Project.

We are all deeply grateful to Schofield for his support and assistance, and for his untiring efforts on behalf of these projects. 

Schofield will soon also publish his study of the Deanery at St Paul's in the 17th century, based on his extensive research in the London Metropolitan Archives. 

More on that when it appears! 

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