Monday, June 13, 2016

Events for the 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London

In addition to the events at St Paul's Cathedral, the City of London will recognize the anniversary in a variety of ways.

There will be a children's book about the Fire,  entitled The Great Fire of London: 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of 1666, by Emma Adams, James Wesston Lewis, and Fiz Osborne, available from, here.

Also, a commemorative coin, presumably available for two pounds in the UK.

In addition, the City of London Museum will open an interactive exhibit on July 23rd, up through April 17th, 2017, called Fire! Fire! which will include artifacts like the 17th century leather fireman's helmet shown above. 

London's Guildhall will also open an exhibit on July 23rd, called The Dreadful Fire,
which promises in addition to the usual sorts of exhibits, to include a hands-on feature, so you can touch what remains of early modern London.

The Heritage Gallery will open a show on August 6th, 2016, up through December 8th, 2016 a show featuring the Hooke Diary and other archives relating to the Great Fire. 

There will also be a city-wide festival called Great Fire 350, running from August 30th through September 4th, 2016. For a guide to the events of this festival, go here.

So, much to see and do in London in this year both of the anniversary of Shakespeare's death AND of the Great Fire. 

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