Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Willard McCarty Visits Virtual Paul's Cross

Willard McCarty, a member of our Advisory Committee, Professor of Humanities Computing at King’s College London, and Adjunct Professor in the Digital Humanities Research Group, Western Sydney University, joined us in Raleigh for several days in late June of 2016.

McCarty visited with the digital humanities faculty here at NC State and was able to explore a number of our on-going projects on display in our Hunt Library's Teaching and Visualization Lab. 

McCarty also learned about our new interdisciplinary Visual Narratives cluster project, just now getting developed.  

McCarty's visit was a highlight of our summer, and a reminder that we are grateful when members of our Advisory Committee can drop by for a visit. 

The Paul's Cross -- and soon to be Cathedral -- website gives a great deal of information about our work, but the opportunity to experience the installation at our Hunt Library is a whole 'nother experience. 

The 10 high definition projectors cast a seamless 270-degree image of Paul's Churchyard, and the 21 speakers immerse the viewer inside the acoustic model of the churchyard. 

If you can come to Raleigh, this is not to be missed! We promise to roll out the red carpet. 

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