Friday, August 12, 2016

Paul's Cross on TAP

The Virtual Paul's Cross Project was discussed on On TAP, a podcast about Theater and Performance Studies sponsored by the Performing Arts Department at Washington University in St Louis. group, consisting of Sarah Bay-Cheng of Bowdoin College, Pannill Camp of Washington U, and Harvey Young of Northwestern Unnversity.

Go HERE to listen to the podcast, all of which is very worthwhile, but if you want to hear their discussion of our work, forward to the last 10 minutes or so.

The folks at On TAP describe this podcast as "a three-headed, freewheeling conversation about topics of current interest to graduate students, professors, independent scholars, and all those interested in academic Theatre and Performance Studies. 

"Each edition features Sarah Bay-Cheng, Pannill Camp, and Harvey Young talking about several topics of field-wide interest, including trends in ideas, theories, methods, pedagogy, career development, and developments in research, publishing, and hiring. 

"Something like a cross between a casual faculty seminar and an impromptu conversation at the conference hotel bar, On TAP features established scholars discussing a rapidly evolving field of knowledge. It is free to download and a great way to stay connected to the field."  

I'm honored that these folks have been discussing our work, especially since I've been reminded how preaching at Paul's Cross (or anywhere, for that matter) was a kind of theater. One reason so many clergy in the early modern period have negative things to say about the theater of that day was, of course, that they were all in the same line of work. 

For more on the folks who do this podcast, go here.  

If you want to hear our podcast from this site, we are part of Podcast #4. 

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